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Teachers Publishing Program for Students
I’ve never seen my kids so involved and invested with any type of assignment in my class, and the reward for myself was seeing the pride and confidence grow in all of my students!”

Sherrey Bina
Perris, CA

Our Common Core-Aligned publishing project was designed for teachers just like you!  Whether you choose online publishing or our traditional paper kits, this fun and engaging project was designed to guide your students through the writing process.

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Plus, our Studentreasures Publishing project:

  • Is cross-curricular, flexible and meets Common Core Standards
  • Motivates students & improves critical reading & writing skills
  • Supports differentiated learning & builds student pride & confidence
  • Provides easy-to-follow instructions & start-to-finish project support
  • Makes teaching writing easy & fun
  • Thrills parents & administrators when they see the students’ work come to life in a hardbound book

You’ve got enough on your plate.  Partner with Studentreasures and we’ll help you achieve your reading and writing objectives with our fun publishing project!