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Our Elementary Publishing Programs

Excite Your Students
Your students will love the experience of working on a Studentreasures book. From writing to illustrating to seeing the finished product, it’s an exciting way to develop critical reading and writing skills.

As teachers have found in schools all over the country, one of the best ways to help children learn is to make them forget they are learning. When approaching elementary education from that mindset, a Studentreasures project is an especially useful tool.  If you’re looking for writing games for kids, our elementary school book programs are great outlets for student creativity. We have a number of educational resources to make our student books easy to incorporate into your elementary lesson plans.

Engage Your Parents
Your parents will love how this project makes their child feel — creative, proud and accomplished. It’s a great family keepsake and you’ll find lots of parental support for your classroom goals. Not only do our books encourage writing for kids, they also encourage reading for kids, as you can sit together and revisit their story.

When it comes to elementary education, Studentreasures’ value as educational technology is unprecedented. Check out our options today.

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