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  • Elementary School:
    Improve critical reading and writing skills while maintaining a fun learning environment. Our programs are designed to meet your curriculum’s goals and we offer superior service to ensure your success. Studentreasures is a great introduction to the writing process for kids in this age group.
  • Middle School
    Motivate your middle school students to achieve their best writing work with the reward of a colorful, hardbound book. It’s the perfect keepsake for generations to come and a great way to challenge students at this level to increase their engagement with the writing process.
  • Future Teachers:
    Guide the development of your future teachers by strengthening their skills in creative writing, computer proficiency and lesson planning. They’ll stand out in the hiring process by including a published book as part of their portfolio. Get inside the writing process by exploring the potential Studentreasures has to offer.
Let us help you determine the best option for you and your students.